Sound Experiments

There is a connection between sound and visual information that is interesting to me. I enjoy recording and finding out the visual information contained in the composition. It's not exactly synesthesia, but probably sits right next to synesthesia at the dinner table.

  • S.Ex. no. 22, Theatre of Youth

    April, 2024.

    I made this using an upright bass by Ibanez. The pedals used were the Boss Hamonist, Old Blood Noise Endeavors' Visitor, Red Panda's Tensor, and Lossy, by Chase Bliss Audio. The video is from my phone, film in the theater lobby at Towson University.

  • S.Ex. no. 21 (longer), In these Rooms

    March, 2024.

    I played some tonal stuff, and then put the guitar down. The pedals build their own loops and micro loops. It went on for about 13 minutes, gradually distorting and shifting.

    This is the longer edit, featuring:

    @mtl.asm count to five, @redpandalab tensor & particle, @chasebliss mood & habit, @bossfx_us @bossinfoglobal DD-8 & Space Echo.

    The video is from my phone.

  • S.Ex. no. 21, Spring Break

    March, 2024.

    This is a short loop edit of the video above this one.

  • The Shopping Trip

  • Clowning Around with AI

  • S.Ex. no. 20, Walk Good Part 2

  • S.Ex. no. 19, Baltimore Farmers' Market

  • S.Ex. no. 18

  • Shoreline (WIP)

  • S.Ex. no. 17 (Four on the Floor)

  • S.Ex. no. 16 (Edward Gorey's Oven)