Artist Statement

Concepts that run through my work range from contemplating an afterlife, using the subconscious to intuitively access information that is not always obvious to the waking mind, exploring subtexts of sensuality, humor, and joy, and our human relationship with the divine, our planet, and metaphysics. I consider my processes to be more important than the concepts that might be embedded in the work.

In my animation, I primarily like drawing on scrolls, frame by frame, and then to watch the story unfold as I draw it. I enjoy creating new figures by melting old toys together. Sound is very important to me - especially incongruent, quirky sounds. I think that it can add something to visual material.

In my mind, drawing, composing music, story telling, poetry and animation all come from the same place, and use the same creative muscles. This site is also an extention of that. I intend to keep sharing animated work here. Links to my blog and other sites are in the footer.

Thank you for visiting.

—Jim Doran