a photo of guitar pedals and wires in a studio


I am a multi-instrumentalist and mostly play drums, guitar, bass, and occasionally cello. I sample, loop, slice, deconstruct, process and reconfigure. I compose using musique concrète, serialism, and improvisation. I score all my own films and videos, and also am a foley artist.

My record label is Scientifically Sound Records, where I sparingly produce actual cassettes and compact discs. Most of my musical experiments are documented on my blog.

I have recorded a handful of albums, and the ones that are available on bandcamp are listed here.

music to hear blindfolded, vol. 1
Jim Doran: A chop off the old block
Jim Doran: Found and Chosen
Jim Doran: The Old San Juan
Punk Frockers
Jim Doran: Septic Blank
Jim Doran: Septic Blank
Jim Doran: Goldberg Variations
Bazooka Joe, Imbalance
Diana Froley: Pet my kitty, mr. new york city